That night my wife and I made the hardest decision of our life. I clearly remember my strong lover's bloodless face and sad eyes when I made this decision. I shouted to my lover, "no! The doctor said that if the operation is not done, the child will be blind. At last, there will be cauliflower like things in his eyes and his head will be deformed. What should I do! When the stink reached for me and called, "Mom, mom, where are you?" What should I do? I'll be crazy! Do the operation! No matter what the result is, we will not regret it. Even if we lose our money, we will gouge out our bones and flesh to cure him! After all, there is a glimmer of hope! I can't watch my child die! " In the face of my hysteria, my love, my beloved is just trying to hold the crazy me and roar to me: "Chuner, you should be sober! Do you let the stink grow enough to question you 'Mom. Why can't I live! " When? Do you let him face the cold truth with one eye? Do you want him to suffer from the physical damage and face those curious eyes? " Then he wiped his tears hard. Children, forgive your parents! We are cruel, but also helpless! We have to decide that. We would rather let you live happily for a year, and leave when you don't know anything, than let you go after suffering. Although I know this decision will make me feel guilty for a lifetime.